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Traversing bits is an attempt to have an online presence for reflections on digital media, social media in particular. It’s a quasi blog space that publishes content ranging from unrefined thoughts to well-written articles. A key characteristic of contemporary social media is its openness to any content uploaded by the users. Following this quality, Traversing Bits will report as if your friend is speaking to you, informal, relaxed, and perhaps unfocused. Naming a site is perhaps the most difficult choice a blogger makes. I was struggling there, thinking about various names for this site. danah boyd calls her blog apophenia (and Wikipedia is telling me it’s “the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data”). Mark Weins, a blogger I like, names his site Migrationology. Both these names are great choices that tell me a great deal about the two human beings behind these names. What could possibly describe me? May be someone who is wandering online, travelling though pieces of information? This thought made me think that those who live in networked society are all traversing information, bits (and Bits) of information. After considering many names, like digital kosmos and digital readers that couldn’t convince me, I decided to call this site Traversing Bits. An afterthought was, “well, Bits travel (traverse?) too. So Traversing Bits could mean many things, including navigating bits of data and information, understanding (reading?) Bits, as well as simply bits that travel across the Internet. Well, that was good enough, and here is my online foot print.

Chamil Rathnayake


Traversing Bits

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