ICT Concepts


Time : T/TR 1.30pm – 2.45pm

Venue : CR105

Instructor : Chamil Rathnayake, School of Communications

Contact : chamil@hawaii.edu

Office : Crawford 310

Office Hours : T/TR 11.00am-1.00pm, and by appointment

Course Description:

Understanding foundations of ICTs is crucial for communication students as ICTs are an integral component of communication. COM330 Information and Communication Technology Concepts is an introduction to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), with an emphasis on internet technology. We live in a society characterized by constantly changing information and communication infrastructure. Understanding foundations of ICTs helps develop a critical perspective on ICTs that play an important role in today’s society. In this class, we will discuss basic elements of internet technology and explore different factors that affect the way internet functions. We will also explore several emerging technologies and the way they affect communication processes today. No previous technical experience is required.

Course Objectives and Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

This is a required class for communication students. After the completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the functioning of ICTs in society.

2. Critically evaluate the use of ICTs in communication in different contexts.

3. Develop the ability to explain the use of ICTs from multiple perspectives and assess such usage.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of emerging technologies and how they transform existing communication processes.

The above course objectives help achieve the following Program SLOs:

1. Communicate effectively to a variety of audiences, orally, in writing, and through digital media.

2. Engage in collaborative problem solving, both face-to-face and in online environments.

3. Critically evaluate the use of technology in communication.

Assignments/ Tests:

1. ICT in Communication Literature paper 10 points

2. Speeds and routing assignment 10 points

3. Test I 15 points

4. Test II (Mid-term Test) 20 points

5. Search technology paper 10 points

6. Test III (Final) 20 points

7. Participation 15 points

(Guidelines for assignments will be posted on Laulima at least two weeks before the deadline).

Format for the writing assignments:

Assignments must be submitted typed, doublespaced in 12point Times New Roman font (or a similar font and size). Your name, the course number, date, and the title of the assignment should appear on the top right corner of the paper. All papers should have one-inch margins, and each page should be numbered.

Late submissions:

Papers and other assignments must be submitted on the assigned date. Late papers will only be accepted in emergency circumstances. If you cannot turn in papers on the assigned date due to an emergency, you need to provide documented evidence (ex: a doctor’s note). Late submissions will be penalized. For a one-day delay, you will lose 20% of the total grade of the assignment. If you are unable to submit your assignment on the due date due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact me in advance.

Extra credit:

Extra credit may be offered in the class. Your participation in extra-credit activities is necessary for you to earn extra credit. Extra-credit activities may not be announced in advance.

Academic Integrity:

You are expected to follow the rules of conduct outlined in the University of Hawaii Student Conduct Code. Violation of this Code will automatically result in a course grade of “F” and referral to the Chair of the School of Communications. You need to pay special attention on the originality of your work. All of your writing must be your own. Plagiarism occurs when you use other’s work without sufficiently acknowledging the first author. Therefore, please be sure to cite whenever you use the work of others. Please use the guidelines given in the American Psychological Association (APA) style in your writing assignments. More information on the APA style can be found on http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx. It is possible that some other course cover similar topics. However, you are not allowed to submit work for which you have already earned credit in another class. Please let me know in advance if you want to use such work in your papers.

For more information on academic integrity, please refer to the campus policies page in the UH Manoa catalog. If you have questions concerning citations and other issues in your writing, please contact me by email at any time. See: http://www.catalog.hawaii.edu/about-uh/campus-policies1.htm


We will read a collection of book chapters and articles in this class, and the readings will be uploaded to Laulima. You are supposed to read the assigned materials before the class and come prepared for the discussion. You are also encouraged to find relevant reading materials and share them with your classmates.


Regular class attendance is mandatory for you to be successful in this course. Attendance will be taken at each class session. Please note that three or more unexcused absences will result in the lowering of your grade for participation. If you anticipate being absent due to an emergency, please contact me and make arrangements to complete your work. In case of a medical emergency, you will be required to submit documentation, such as a doctor’s note, to excuse the absence. Being absent does not excuse you from turning in an assignment on time.

Classroom Participation and Laptop Use:

Participation is important to create a rich learning environment. Your participation in discussions is graded. We will have weekly discussions on Laulima that will be considered a part of your participation in this class. After each topic, you can log on to Laulima, and discuss and share your ideas with your classmates. Disruptive behavior in class will not be tolerated. This includes, among other things, talking when the instructor or your fellow students are talking.

Laptops are allowed in the class. However, you should use laptops and other devices only for the purposes of the class. Please do not use those devices to browse websites, especially social media sites, which might interrupt your attention on the discussion. Please be sure to turn off/ mute your cell phones before the discussion begins.

Your participation in group exercises and assignments will be observed, and lack of participation will affect your grade. A discussion page will be created for each week, and you can use this page to provide some feedback on the topics discussed in each week. Make sure that you use weekly discussion forum at least once a week. This is a good venue to discuss possible topics for the final paper, ask questions from the instructor or classmates, and share interesting information.


The following scale will be used to determine your final grade: Total Points

Final Grade


























59 or less


Chamil Rathnayake