Visualizing Road Traffic Accidents Using Infrogr.am

Data visualization is one of the main trends in the digital media landscape. Data visualization skills have a high demand in many fields, and it is certainly one of the most important skills for digital media students. Skills required for data visualization range from design-driven aspects, such as using graphic design software for creating infographics, to data visualization using programming languages like Python and Javascript. There are several tools that digital media students can use to start practising data visualization. Inforgram.am is a very good tool for data visualization beginners that provide good design options and the technical support to share designs via multiple platforms. The following are charts created by the participants of the applicant day conducted by the BA in Digital Media programme at Middlesex University, London. The designers used the datasets made available by infogr.am to create these charts, and practised editing, and embedding options provided by the platform.

Edona’s Visualization

Mark’s Visualization

Serwa’s Visualization

Chamil Rathnayake

Traversing Bits

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